Functionality Of A Spank Bench


Spank seats come in different varieties in the market.  Most these seats take on a shape of a table with a soft covering on top and over the kneeling parts for comfort.  Others are raised from the floor while some of them lower on the ground.  The the bench is made with rests to help in making the knees and the body soft.  A two knee rests well for parting the legs as one lean on them.  Restrained seats are available in the market for spanking.  Care must be taken when one is being restrained to avoid injuries.  Some of this benches  are available in various shapes for better spanking.


The benches are used for spanking as the name implies.  Spanking is there through various types of equipment on various body parts like the buttocks, shoulder and the thighs.  You can also use the bench for other forms of play.  You can use the wax play where the receiving party will be on secure safe base.  Spanking can be done using your hands to create pleasure or use the dungeon furniture and bondage equipment at  Several items are utilized to give good results like the slappers.  A the small room is necessary for this stimulation to happen.


Floggers and other dungeon items are used.  Shorter distances are perfect with floggers.  The whips are not suitable to work for short distances but are in use when a sub is bent over on a spanking bench.


An important thing to note is the safety measures that need to be taken when using this fetish furniture.  Research on any possible damage or injury that may result from using dungeon bondage.  Be informed on various safety tips during the act.  Use a safe word or raise concern about your safety.


There are several costumes that are used during spanking.  A spank skirt is preferred because of excess exposure on the body parts.  The clothes are supposed to be tight and the material used should fit the desired act.  Panties are also used with rows of ruffles on the outside.


One must determine the best position to use.  Time is a major factor in deciding on the right place to use.  A good access to spankees body is through consideration of different perspectives and the position they are in.  The one initiating the spark control the spankee's position and makes the necessary adjustments for safety purposes.  A change in position will help in achieving various results when done correctly. Know more about furniture at .


In a nutshell, the whole idea of spanking is to stimulate the spankers through the infliction of pain to the spankee.  The objects used initiated spanks on the exposed body parts for arousals.

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